SAAD COAT 30-36 is synthetic resin water based vapor barrier protective coating for thermal insulation application and has excellent adhesion to major insulation materials and canvas. It is a white tough washable abrasion resistant coating for application. SAAD COAT 30-36 is flexible, Fire resistive compound suitable for vapor sealing insulated ducts and pipes. It is also used as a lagging and lap adhesive for canvas and glass lagging cloth. SAAD COAT 30-36 have excellent brushing characteristics which will result in better coverage and more uniformity in coating surfaces.
SAAD COAT 30-36 is specially designed for interior application at high humidity environments. SAAD COAT 30-36 is formulated for increased vapor barrier protection and for heavy duty commercial or industrial purpose.
SAAD COAT 30-36 is presents an aesthetically pleasing white finish and will not yellow or become discolored with ageing. The surface can be washed, free of grease, oil soot, and other dirt accumulation. SAAD COAT 30-36 provides a protective finish on air conditioning ducts and cold water pipe lines when applied in two coats with reinforcing fabric embedded between the coats. SAAD COAT 30-36 is an eco friendly coating compatible with polystyrene foam insulated and is free from hazardous materials such as lead, mercury compounds.

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